What Are The Main Causes Behind A Truck Breakdown?

Trucking plays an important role when it comes to export and import between huge industrial firms. It is also one of the best transportation system. But unfortunately, truck accidents are getting increased with time. According to statics of United State Department of transportation over 500,000 truck accidents take place every single year. The main causes of which found are driver carelessness, sudden truck breakdown, and many more.

As we know an open road always remain a big hazard for all kinds of vehicles especially for large ones like trucks. Generally, breakdown happens because of the less maintenance of vehicles. This problem becomes even more common with loaded trucks. In trucking career, it becomes very common to wait aside of the road in between the journey for hours to get assistance from professionals to deal and fix the issue. That’s why in this article, we are going to discuss the things which cause breakdown suddenly in trucks. So that you can keep eye on them.  Let’s proceed forward and look on below points.

Air brakes bad condition

The one of the main cause found behind the sudden breakdown of trucks is a bad state of air brakes. They need replacement as soon as possible if get damaged. So it’s a duty of truck driver to consider the condition of air brakes before taking off for the journey. Air brakes bad condition influence the whole brake system performance of the truck which even cause accidents.

Fuel system faults

This is also one of the crucial things that can cause hassle in your truck journey. If there is any form of damage seal present in the fuel system of the truck then it can become a big problem for you in middle of trucking. Fuel leaks are very hard to find unless some kind of breakdown happens. So please check the condition of the truck fuel system properly before leaving for trucking.

Truck Breakdown

Corrosion and rusting

Severe rust formation can deeply weaken the metal parts of the whole truck. This can be dangerous and deadly if not get replaced on time. It is very necessary to replace all the corroded parts of the truck on time. So that you won’t come across any problem in the middle of traveling.

Tires defects

Tire problems are one of the main causes that most often lead to truck accidents and breakdown. If the truck is facing any tire related violation then it gets treated as soon as possible.

These are some of the main causes that result as a breakdown in trucks. So before taking off for truck journey make sure to give all the above mention issues a genuine concern.

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