Top 5 Tips To Safeguard Your Joints As You Age

Top- 5- Tips- To- Safeguard- Your -Joints -As- You- Age

Most of the people don’t care about their lifestyle and postures until they start feeling joint pain in their body. While it will not show any effect at the younger age. But as the people grow, the joint pain becomes dire. As prevention is the best way to avoid joint problems like arthritis (Artros) and other joint problems as well. In this article, you will find about the 5 preventive tips, which would help you to safeguard your joints and cartilage. So that you can be able to stay fit for a long time.


Quit Smoking

Tobacco causes many health problems while it also one of the reasons which affect your joints also. It causes inflammation in the body, which reduces the body healing immunity. Quitting smoking can help you to boost the oxygen level in your blood and decreases the level of carbon monoxide. This increase the healing capacity of out bones and joints. If you would like to avoid having joints problems, then you should quit your smoking habit.

Drink water

It is important to stay hydrated, as 80 % of our body cartilage system is of water only. In case, if the body is not hydrated enough then it starts to pull the water content from the cartilage system. This can also be a reason for your joint pain. Instead of soda, you should consider normal water, which would help you to be hydrated for a long time.

Reduce weight

If you are over weighed, then you have more chance of facing joint or cartilage problems. It is better to avoid any stress in the joint which can cause arthritis problem. As you grow, your muscles and bone become stiffer while the flexibility also decreases with age. It would be harder for the joints to standby heavy loads.

Warm-up and cool down

It is important to warm up your muscle before lifting weights and doing gym exercises. Warm-up reduces the chances of having any strain during gym exercise. While it is also important to cool down your muscles after your work out session, otherwise it can also cause strain in joints.

Be careful about sores in joints

If you have been injured earlier, then you should take proper care of that part and do not put much pressure on that injured part. While there is a chance that even if the pain is low but the cartilage will not be strong enough to carry the load.

With the application of following methods, you can be able to prevent you from the joint pain and keep you safe and sound.

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