What Are Factors To Consider, How Long Does A Juul Pod Last?


Juul units are front-line items that are very well known in the e-cigarette industry very specially. Individuals who appreciate e-cigarettes can appreciate these cases in an assortment of flavors including cool mint, crème Brule, organic product variety, and that’s just the beginning. The cases are customarily sold in a pack of four. Though these w-cigars are not very safe but are safer than t-cigars.

When obtaining this item, numerous individuals need to know, to what extent do Juul units last for? The appropriate response will change contingent upon an assortment of components. For any individual who is endeavoring to buy enough for a specific measure of time or simply needs to have a satisfactory stock helpful, these are a couple of rules for to what extent the Juul Pods will last.


Rate of consumption

The lasting of the Juul Pods depends upon how much you use them. Generally, each pod lasts for more than 200 Puffs, as it contains 0.7 ml of the liquid in each pod. If in case you are occasional user and tend to take only 7-8 puffs per day, then you can expect that your Juul Pod can last for a few weeks. But if you are a frequent user then you should adjust your pod supplies according to your requirement.

People who consider themselves as a moderate consumer of Juul Pods, say that a Juul Pod lasts for 1 and half day for themselves. Considering these words we can say, a pack of four can be required to last around seven days. Since the cases can be obtained and put away for a moderate time allotment, it might be fitting to buy a bigger supply to abstain from running low.



Juul pods
Juul pods

Another best way to determine how much liquid you consume on daily basis. Since each case contains 0.7 ml of the vape juice, 0.5 ml every day is a sensible gauge. This would imply that a client should buy 5 mL worth of cases to keep going for a 10-day timeframe. Remember this is a general gauge and you may require either pretty much than the normal client.


Flavor Variations

Another factor to consider with your use needs is the manner by which you rapidly experience certain flavors. If in case that you incline toward the mint or Virginia tobacco cases, you may find that you utilize the Juul cases less often at times as these are more grounded flavors. In any case, the natural product flavors which are lighter, for example, organic product variety and mango are delighted in at a quicker rate. Hence, if you like to have a couple of various kinds of Juul cases to utilize, you may likewise need to factor in how rapidly you experience each flavor.



Hence these are some of the simple factors based on which you can determine how long your Juul Pod will last for.

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