Teens And Cyber Blackmailing- A Dangerous Situation For Current Times

Teens-And-Cyber-Blackmailing- A-Dangerous-Situation-For-Current-Times

Since teenagers spend most of their time at social media platform or internet, they become the victim of cyber extortion very often. In most of the cases, the victim remains quiet due to the fear of content being exposed by the blackmailers, they are not even able to explain the whole scenario to their own parents. This leads them to face huge depression and anxiety which might sometime result in committing suicides. It’s mandatory that parents should understand cyber blackmailing, it’s worse effects on their child.

Effects of cyber blackmailing on teens

There are a lot of effects, a teenager has to face while cyber blackmailing which basically includes the formation of excess stress and anxiety within them. They constantly remain thinking of the consequences of cyber blackmailer when the contents will be public. All these adverse circumstances would surely interfere with their academic performance at the same time disturbs their whole routine such as sleeping, eating, gathering, and hobbies etc. The victim starts isolating from the friends and family as they are no more able to enjoy moments.

Let’s discuss cyber-bullying

Ilan Tzroya
Ilan Tzroya

Both the cyber blackmailing and cyber-bullying takes place via similar channels but both are two different terms. In general, cyber-bullying involves threatening of the victim either through verbal or psychological attacks that include rumors, sharing intimate videos or embarrassing pictures of them over popular social media platform. Even sometimes the scammers dare to share their original identities in order to accomplish their goal in an effective way.

Being a teenager, people usually can’t able to determine right or wrong for them. They are curious to make new friends, relationship and experience new things, therefore, they caught into the trap set by scammers like Ilan Tzroya. You will find the bulk of scammers out there who have been making efforts actively to find out more victim.

Role of parents

Parents must maintain friendly relation with their teenagers and educate them on how to come out of the situation of cyber extortion if they become a victim in the future. You need to educate them and make aware of the situation they might have to face due to sharing their personal photos and information over social media sites.


All the above-stated points aims at eliminating the increasing cases of email and cyber extortion among the teenagers. They must know their right of reporting cyber extortion to law enforcing authorities.

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