ID Do’s And Don’ts: Tips To Use Fake Like A Pro


There are fakes available in the market that it seems more real compared to real one itself. Still many people easily get caught while using those fakes. Usually, people do not get prepared themselves before using the counterfeit IDs. That is why they can be easily identified as Fake ID users. There is also a chance that you have chosen a wrong retailer to create your duplicate ID. If you are also the one using a counterfeit ID for the first time, then here are shown some ideas using which you will not get yourself caught easily.

  • For the underage people those who are trying to get entry into a bar or a club, it will be better for them to take the advantage of the crowd. In the crowd of customers, the bouncer will not be able to examine you for your ID.

  • Some Bouncer pick up the students those who seem more nervous. Such teenagers are the easy victim, who can be easily caught with their duplicated IDs by the bouncers. In such a case, you need to be more confident enough and look into their eyes when they are asking you anything.

  • If you would hide the photo part in your ID, it would create more suspicion in the mind of the doorman. While it is better to show your Id confidently in front of doorman or bouncer without showing any concern.
Fake ID
Fake ID
  • It is better to stay away from the underage drinkers group. They would like to get entry into the bar or pub, they might ask you for your favor. In such a case there is a chance that you will also get caught with them.


  • You should remember all the details of the real purpose. As there is a chance that somebody will ask you about your date of birth or some other information. You can also use your real information for a fake ID, while you can make changes in the year section only.

  • Instead of using an ID with the federation or Govt. mark, you can use a novelty ID. While there is a chance that bouncer will not allow you inside because you are not having state seal printed on the ID. But, they cannot be able to take any legal action against you.

Even though using counterfeit IDs is considered as illegal for purchasing drinks or entry in a bar, it can still be considered as legal. Since there is not any law against selling or purchasing duplicate IDs. While you can have one just for making fool of your friends also.

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