Necessary Tips for a Great Maternity Photo-shoot


A maternity photo-shoot is one of the best ways of capturing your pregnancy in the form of images. It is also a great way of preserving baby’s memories even before the birth, and keep a flushing glow on your face forever. While planning for a pregnancy photography, there is nothing like feeling shy with the transforming body. Remember, it is the finest experience for every mother, going through various stages of pregnancy. Keeps the below-mentioned tips in mind to make your photo shoot outstanding.

Feel comfortable during the photo-shoot

Try your best to choose a photographer who makes you feel comfortable during the whole photography. If you are not at all comfortable, this would be visible on your face.

  • You need to keep calm and stay comfortable while posing.
  • Ask the photographer to show some previous maternity photographs. These photographs let you explore some ideas about a photographer’s way of working.
  • Share your ideas and analyze whether they have been approved also by the photographer.
  • Make sure to opt for color photography as they can be converted into black and white through editing.


The ideal time of maternity photography is in the mid of seventh month of your pregnancy. At this stage, the baby bump would look beautiful and tubby. One can easily notice the symptoms of pregnancy glow at this stage, your body will be more energized and free from all sort of stress and tiredness. Make sure to take a necessary gap in between the shoots in order to eat healthy snacks and maintain metabolism rate.

Selection of location

Pregnancy Photography
Pregnancy Photography

Location matters a lot, and there are three most preferred location in all the photography events such as:-

  • Home can be a great idea if you are planning for some intimate poses and also you will be feeling more comfortable at own house.
  • Studios are also the best option as they all kinds of props available in order to shoot elegant photos. Make sure to do a quick research before selecting them, consider past customer’s reviews for further satisfaction.
  • Outdoor photography is relevant nowadays. In the context of the maternity photo shoot, the greenery, ocean and pleasant atmosphere would definitely make you feel auspicious.


Usually, people prefer to include only would be a mother in the whole photography but the memories can be more classic when the whole family takes part in the photo session.

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