What Are The Different Types Of Rags?


Rags are considered as the very essential part of carrying out various cleaning activities. Some people make rags simply at home by using their old clothes and some people buy it from the market. Rags are generally offered in different types of fabric, size, and weight. They can be made from both old clothes and new materials. Choosing the right one for your cleaning activity depends upon the surface which you are going to clean. Below are the different types of rags that are available in the market.

Colored Rags

These are the type of rags available in various colors and are generally used to clean the surfaces that are oily and greasy. These fabrics are of very good quality and do not gets fade even after many uses.

White Rags

Like colored rags, there are also white rags which are used to clean the areas that have the less chance of leaving colors. These are mostly used for dusting purpose.

Kitchen rags

Wiping Rags

These rags are very handy and are also known as Wiping rags. It is used for cleaning the platforms and wiping the tables. The fabric used to make these rags are very absorbent. You can wash them like any other clothes. You may also add a little amount of white vinegar while washing if feel that your cloth is stinking.

Bathroom rags

Usually, these rags are made up of microfiber fabric and are very efficient in cleaning the mirrors and windows of your bathroom. The one thing to take care of after cleaning is to wash them separately to avoid the bathroom germs. You can also bleach them if required.

Recycled rags

These are the rags that are made by recycling clothes. The fabric of these rags is not of any specific type. You will be surprised to know that it requires 100 kg of old clothes to make 17 kg of rags. Using your old clothes is the best way to reuse them and also to save some money.

Paper rags

These are the most common type of rags that you might have seen in many places. These are mostly used in toilets. They are available in different qualities as per your requirement. Paper towels are also used for face cleaning. You can use these rags for different cleaning activities except cleaning the wet areas.

I hope that the above information gives you a little bit idea of the different kinds of rags that are available and also their uses.

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