Turmeric: Essentials You Need To Know About


Turmeric is considered to be the most important part of spices which is used in most of the Asian countries. The powder is prepared by grinding the root of turmeric plant and now found widely in all kind of herbal supplements including capsules and powder. Turmeric basically comprises of three compounds in which curcumin is found to be the most active and has effective biological properties to be used for eliminating a lot of health issues such as chronic pain, infection, and inflammation.

Nutritional Information

One tablespoon of turmeric typically includes calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and sugar. The same quantity also provides manganese, iron, potassium and vitamin C which are required for regular needs.

Benefits of Turmeric

Anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties

Several studies done in respect of turmeric proves that it helps reducing inflammation and other common health disorder. These anti-inflammatory properties might lessen the irritation that people faces during joint pain in Arthritis. You can find curcumin in most of the medicinal prescription found effective for getting rid of the health disorder and strengthen our body.


Pain Removal

As discussed above, turmeric is helpful to remove arthritis pain therefore known to be a popular painkiller aid. It contains a higher amount of anti-oxidant that destroys free radicles in the body that avoid cell damage. Those who suffer from unavoidable pain can consume turmeric on a regular basis (also in form of capsules or health supplement powder) however it’s not worth considering turmeric to be an ultimate medical substitute.

Encourages healthy heart

Though turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, it works effectively for improving the level of good cholesterol in the body. It also avoids blood clotting and lines up the blood vessels, all this benefit work together to allow the heart working in a proper condition to avoid strokes and attacks.

Improved digestion

People who suffer from the digestive issue are recommended to consume raw turmeric to take care of the situation. Turmeric curcumin benefits and stimulate the gallbladder to make the digestion more strong, turmeric is also effective in the cases of heartburn and acidity.

turmeric curcumin


Besides the medicinal properties and surprising health benefit of turmeric, one should not neglect its shortcomings. When not consumed in a proper quantity, it can result in heavy bleeding as it has blood thinning properties, people who faces lungs or respiratory diseases should not consume turmeric directly instead prefer the health supplements with components of turmeric added in it.

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