Essential Oils: Health And Household Uses


Essential oils are extracted from plants and are used often as aromatherapy to improve body relaxation, eliminates infection and avoid microorganism invading the immune system that makes us fall ill quickly. However, the health and beauty benefits of essential oils are commonly known to the people still sometimes we need a little reminder to know how amazing can essential oil be. In this article, we would analyze separately the beauty and health benefit which comes with the essential oils.


Household Uses


aromatherapy diffuser

Helps fight odour


You might find the house sometimes having some uneasy odour especially returning home after work and also right in the morning. One of biggest reason behind this unavoidable smell is your pet, making them batch, cleaning them regularly isn’t sufficient at all. Either you can mix oils like lemon or lavender to the room freshener or get an aromatherapy diffuser for the better compatible environment.


Freshen carpet


Sometimes vacuuming the carpet is not sufficient to settle down the thoughts of carpet being cleaned completely. The carpet can be refreshed in some quick steps, like, you can sprinkle essential oils such as peppermint, lavender or lemon over the carpet, leave as usual for 15 minutes and then vacuum up. This will also cut down the chances of infections occurring due to dirt and smudge.


Insect repellent


You can get rid of uninvited guests like lizards, spiders, and rodents by spraying the mixture of peppermint oil and water around the window as well as doors. It would also work placing the cotton ball soaked with peppermint oil in every corner of the home.


Health Benefits


Cut down caffeine addiction


Are you consuming cups and cups of coffee while performing the whole day’s task? This may cause a severe effect of caffeine and make you become addicted and must be treated in time. It’s genuine for the caffeine’s adductors to remain alert while driving or studying and for that, you can inhale the exfoliating essential oils extracted from lemon, peppermint or basil oils.


Improves sleep


Nothing is better than waking up fresh in the morning after sleeping uninterruptable over the night. Simply sprinkling some drops of lavender oils on the pillow can help you get rid of restless twist and turns over the night. You can also use a portable diffuser to be kept near the bed to enjoy a complete sleep.




Other than the health and household uses of essential oils which couldn’t be described here due to the limited words. You can easily search them over the internet and adapt them accordingly.


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