A Perspective Guide To Report Copyright Violation On Google


Writing a good unique post for a website or blog can be a little bit complicated task. Probably some can’t bother collecting quality contents, therefore, they prefer to copy paste the content from other websites. However, the act of copying is often legal but in some of the cases people pick out specific content from another website by taking permission from the authority. When somebody copies your personal internet creation, here are some of tips which will help you to report the act on Google.

Before you report the infringement

Not everyone who copies content from other website understands the violation of terms under copyright. Usually, the beginner bloggers think that they can make their content, even more, emphasizing by adding unique resources. If they don’t have the permission of the authorized owner of the website, it’s a breach of copyright reserve.
It’s better to contact the administrator of the website or blogger before reporting copyright infringement and by explaining it to them regarding the whole situation. It might be possible that they can remove the offending post without creating any controversy.

Let’s discuss the role of Google

Idea buyer
Idea buyer

When we report the copyright violation to the Google, one of the best solution they pick out is the eradication of copied contents or offending post from the search results appearing on Google and start exhibiting a message that intimates copyright policies at the bottom line of the search page.
Google won’t force down anyone to remove the offending post until we consult an attorney and go through the essential legal procedure.

Where to find the result?

Google takes only a few minutes to act upon the infringement but you will be getting the result only through the email indicating to check out the submitted URLs on the removal dashboard. You can check the status of the removal dashboard and verify the URLs containing offending post or imitated contents.
In a recent scam, a lot of websites claimed copyright violation against ‘Idea Buyer on Google and as a result, all sort of copied contents are removed from the search engines. Not everyone feel satisfied having reported the infringement on Google, perhaps they prefer another legal procedure to get rid of the copyright issue.


Abusive contents on Google not only becomes irritating for the website yet it also violate Google’s product policy therefore before sending a legal report to Google, consider drooping the image, item or content for the content team and let them review first.

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