5 Tips To Design Business Cards


Despite the fact that now we are working more in paperless workplaces, the business card is yet a pillar of business. If you don’t hand out your business cards to the customers then you are missing a great opportunity to promote your business. To be exceptional you need a well-designed business card that will make you different from others. You can also take help from other companies to design and print the business cards for you in an affordable price and if you are not aware of the place then you can search on the internet like Cheap business cards in Houston and you will get many options. And if you want to create your own business card then here are the few tips you can follow to create an innovative business card for your company.


Basic principle


For designing a business card you need to follow some basic rules like any other cards.

  • Write your content at a minimum distance of 5 mm from the trim edge.
  • For better image resolution work at 300 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Maintain a constant size of the letters while typing.

These are the guidelines which should be taken care of while designing a business card. There are also some tools that are available online which you can use to take reference and create a unique business card for your company.


Be creative



The standard size of the business cards is different in different countries. So you can select the size according to your region. Although there is less space in the business card you can still add some creativity into that space. Write all the basic information about your company like name, contact number, location etc._ and then design the background.


Try different materials


Usually, business cards are made up of normal thick paper or cardstock as it does not require much money to get printed. But if you are ready to invest a little more then you should try printing your business cards on different materials like wood, plastics, metals etc. which will make your card more classy and unique.


Make it useful


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To give your business cards a longer life so that people don’t throw it away like any other piece of paper, make your business useful. For example, you can make it in such a way that it can be used as a pin holder or armchair for your phone. In this way, people will keep your business cards and if they got impressed they may also show it to others. This will benefit your company to gain new customers.



You can also make your own unique designs like these but make sure to choose the material for your business cards that can be recycled.


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