Do It Yourself Hacks: Tips To Design Your Own Diamond Painting


Diamond painting is one of the interesting and amusing activity both for the young and old crafters. Based on the concept of mosaic, the diamond painting also was done using tiny diamond-like crystals for creating colorful and creative designs and patterns with a sparkling finish.  Putting on diamonds over the painting is really an interesting activity which involves some quick and easy steps that are quite relaxing as well. You can enjoy the free time by creating a self-designed painting with the option of recreating, there are a variety of diamond painting kits are available in various styles and sizes that are compatible both for the beginners and professional craftsmen.





Although the contents of diamond painting vary depending on the company or brand still they all contain some basic materials mentioned below:-

Fabric sheet painted with the design chart.

Colorful Diamonds

Applicator Tool

Wax Tub


Tips For Creation



Review the chart carefully before you begin. All the packets of diamonds must be tagged with color name and number but for further convenience, label the bag with the symbol for which the diamonds would be used to quickly identify the right color at the time of painting.

The fabric design chart you are using must be covered with a protective plastic film which would later be separated from the painting. Instead of removing the entire plastic film at once, it’s better to peel back slowly while the execution of work. Make sure to cover the painting with plastic film or sheet while you take a break as it would avoid getting dust over the painting.

The kit comes with a small tray which is preferred when you are working with crystals of the same color and also at the time of dealing with different colored diamonds, using small bowls would be convenient which can be filled with diamonds of different colors and always make sure to tag the bowl with the respective color in order to have ease while painting.

The position of the diamond is another mandatory step. While using the applicator, the flat side of the diamond should be placed on the diamond painting sheet otherwise they would start getting out from their place before drying. To prevent the applicator from drying out, cover that with plastic sheet and firmly close the wax tub during the uses.




This creation is one of the best parts of painting which can be presented as a better self-made gift on auspicious occasion. It’s also a great way of shaping up your imagination through the form of painting.



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