5 Top Things To Do When You Are Faking Pregnancy


According to many news, it has been seen that women are expert in making people fool about their pregnancy. There is not a month get left when some weirdo women make people crazy by faking about her pregnancy in many different countries. Besides all this, there is one thing which we all have to give concern by women tells lie about their pregnancy. Why?

What they get by doing this? The main reason that has found behind this is the loneliness and lack of affection women feels after getting married because of their husbands or many more things. Let’s come to the point, this article is for all the woman out there who want to make their fake pregnancy look real and hard-to-deny. So just look ahead!


fake ultrasound

Go for pee consistently


Yes, it is true that you cannot pee consistently. However, you can lookalike that you have to pee consistently. In between the family dinner, get up four to five times just at the name of pee and make people believe that yes something is wrong and odd.


Show fake mood swings



Pregnant women often come across mood swings during the whole nine months. But in case, if you are making people fool about your pregnancy then you have to fake some mood swings. It is the best way of making your husband realize that you need him and his extra care and affection. I know you are not an actress who knows well about acting but you don’t have any option here. Go for laughing at one time and instantly switch your behavior and throw tantrums.


Crave for sour food items


Pregnant women often crave for sour food items like pickles and all during their pregnancy. But as we know you are not pregnant really. So you have to act like a craving for eating sour food items. So that your mother-in-law realize that you are pregnant.


Sleeping problem



It is always seen that some of the pregnant women come across sleeping problem while pregnant. However, you are faking a pregnancy then you have to act like you not able to fall asleep during the night. So can to do this by using make-up color shades for making your face look dull and low.


Get fake report


Nowadays, there are lots of online sites available that offer fake ultrasound reports to the women who are faking their pregnancy. So that the people around them easily believe that they are pregnant.


These are the top five things that you have to do for making your pregnancy look real and completely true. So go and give them a try.

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