What Are The Symptoms Of Oxycodone Addiction?


Oxycodone is a drug that is also used by the doctors as a painkiller for the patients if they are facing any severe pain. High doses of it can make people feel depressed and anxious. The addict of oxycodone are getting increased from the past few years. That is why it has become important to aware people about the harmful effects and symptoms of oxycodone addiction. So that people get motivated to get rid from its addiction and stay healthy.

How long does oxycodone stay in your system? This question is especially for the people who consume oxycodone on a regular basis. According to the doctors, it has been found that oxycodone can stay in your body up to four days if you have taken in high doses. Otherwise, urine tests has proved that oxycodone stays minimum up to 24 hours in your body. This article is all about the symptoms of oxycodone addiction that show you how deadly and harmful it is for our body.




It is one of the main symptom that can be an alert sign for the people who take oxycodone on the regular basis that they unfortunately become an oxycodone addict. So it is high time that they contact to some special doctor. Depression is a mental condition that make you feel bizarre without any solid reason. It make you feel sad and low.


Extreme euphoria


How long does oxycodone stay in your system?


The addicts of oxycodone feel extremely happy after consuming it. However, this feeling last only for maximum one hour. After this they start feeling dizzy and abnormal. That shows that they have become an oxycodone addict.


Anxiety disorder


This is also one of the most severe symptom of oxycodone addiction. Anxiety disorder is a mental condition that make you feel worried and anxious without any good reason. It make you think irrational thoughts. Anxiety disorder exist in many types. The most diagnosed of it is panic attacks. That make you feel like having a heart attack and sweating.


Mental instability



As we talk about all the above symptoms. They also themselves proves that the biggest symptoms that comes with oxycodone addiction is mental instability. That not at all good for human beings.


Mood swings


Oxycodone directly effects the messaging system between the brain and body. That make people feel constantly confused and flummoxed. They sometime either feel extreme happiness or very low and blue.


Oxycodone addiction can ruin the whole life of the people. It make them feel depressed and abnormal. That is why if you are also an oxycodone addict then without wasting a second you need to visit the doctor and get yourself saved.


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