What Are The Different Types Of Cornice Molding?


Molding has been in existence from the past many centuries. According to the various research, it has been believed cornice molding is started by the Egyptians for the decoration of their building columns and exterior. They sculptured it from the stones whereas Greeks and Romans carved it with stones and marbles. Many historians have found that the real decoration for molding was just done in paint. They were the Greeks that initiated decorating carves.

Later, French boost the art of the decorative molding in the 14th century. According to many historians, it is found that before the year 1850 all the molding work was done by hands only. That was quite expensive and tedious which also indicates the natural wealth status at that time. The development of large machines has to make molding work very easy and affordable nowadays. In this article, we are going to explore different types of cornice molding. So just take a look!


One piece of crown molding


This is one of the simplest types of crown molding. It just comes in a single piece and very easy to install. It is often manufactured using MDF. You can use it whenever you are in hurry and just want to install crown molding so that the look of your home gets completed quickly. You can also go with polyurethane crown molding. Because it can be installed anywhere in the house and looks exactly the same as that of molding manufactured using wood.


Two-piece crown molding


polyurethane crown molding


It is best for giving your home a complete traditional look. It leaves a space between the ceiling and the wall which you can paint and give your house a unique and beautiful look.


Three piece crown molding


This molding is best for use when you want to give your house a luxurious and elegant look. This is quite costly when comes to afford. In this, you can use multiple pieces of crown molding that looks visually quite interesting. This molding installation needs professionals because it is not a child’s play for everybody.


Craftsman crown molding



When you want to install crown molding around the door frame or in order to draw attention at some particular place then you have to opt craftsman molding. This uses multiple pieces of crown molding and trims around the doors and windows to give a unique and spectacular look that easily draw people attention.


These are four different types of crown molding. It completely depends on the homeowner to opt for a specific type of molding. You can also go for different type of crown molding with respect to different place and area of the house.

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