Why Prefer Weed Over Liquor?


I’m from a place where people are crazy for the liquors they only drink to get drunk and create nuisances all around them, I also get drunk but once or twice a month, Alcohol doesn’t suites me I think. When I boozed weed for the first time it feels really good and it didn’t affect me like alcohol but it gave me a good high which I loved so much.

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After continuing the consumption of weed I discovered that weed is actually good and every one of us should prefer it over liquor. To support this statement let’s see some of the reasons which can help you get a picture of its benefits.

People won’t throw up after smoking pot

You have seen many people who drink too much alcohol and throw up everywhere but in the case of weed if you consume more than enough weed than it will never result in throwing up.

Weed doesn’t cause Hangover


After effects of too much alcohol consumption are bad it can cause a headache or dizziness but weed doesn’t have these side effects. It will never give you a hangover.

Smoking pot doesn’t make you aggressive

Alcohol makes people out of control people generally don’t control their emotions when they drink too much. On the other hand, the consumption of weed calms the person and keep him on track. Potheads know how to chill and keep everyone around them happy.

Weed can help you if you love working out


Weed has many medical benefits one of that is easing the body pain and relaxing the body. If you work out too much then you know the pain I’m talking about, weed can provide relief from the pain. It is seen that many of the people use it for that purpose only.

Weed makes the conversation fun and entertaining

People who hang around with their friends and do pots can relate to me, I am telling you, you will the funny conversation with your friends when you pot.

Good for the people who need to increase their appetite


Food becomes more delicious after smoking pot, I don’t know but it really makes food delicious. This is also its one of the major benefits.

These days you can easily buy weed edibles online canada because it is legalized in many countries and you can order it and get it easily from the online stores. So these are some of the reasons due to which you should prefer weed over Liquors.

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