What Is DNS Leak And How To Prevent It?


You already know what DNS means but let me tell you something about it. DNS is the Domain Name System which is like an internet phonebook consisting of the IP addresses. People are doing all the things they could in order to do a safe and private search. But somehow due to some reasons are not getting a proper anonymity. Here we will see some of the reasons for the DNS leak and ways to prevent it.

DNS Leak

To understand the DNS leak you have to understand a few terms like ISP, IP address, URL. You know that whenever you visit a website, the site sends a counter signal to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and fetch your IP address so that it can send you the content information which you were searching for. Since all these things are done between your ISP (DNS server) and the website, your ISP will have all the records regarding your search. This is where DNS leaks happen, as any of the third party can take advantage of the records present there.

How can you prevent DNS Leaks?

Here you will get two of the basic methods which you can use to prevent any data breach. Both of the methods are easy to do. Read about them and choose anyone from them.

Change the DNS servers manually

Free VPN

You can do manual changes in the DNS servers by adding the proxy address. This will help you hide your Original IPs. Use the public DNS which are offered by Google Public DNS, Comodo Secure, and Open DNS etc. and change the original ones with the alternate server.

Use VPN for DNS protection

Using the VPNs will be the safest thing to do in order to protect the DNS leaks. VPN works as the mediator between the site and the ISP and gives the best privacy to the user. In this ISP and website won’t be able to get your original credentials. VPN will help to hide the location and IP address of the user from everyone. You can find any of the free vpn service providers, use the free vpn for better protection and safety.

To check the Domain leakage you can search for what is my IP online or you can use any of the sites which says check IP leak. If you think that anyone can see your original IP then use any of the above methods for a protective internet browsing.

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