3 Valid And Surprising Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear Makeup

3- Valid- And- Surprising- Reasons- Why- You -Shouldn’t- Wear -Makeup

Cosmetics is something that helps you look prettier, however, there are numerous reasons you shouldn’t wear cosmetics? It’s the truth, and you can look ravishing in any case by giving your characteristic and inward magnificence a chance to sparkle. There are number of individuals out there who think cosmetics is just a way one can look wonderful. This may vary from person to person, however, I would say that cosmetics is definitely not something to be thankful for. Here are some astonishing reasons you shouldn’t wear cosmetics, particularly if your skin is prone to acne.

It can cause acne and also different allergies

Most sorts of cosmetic products are profoundly allergic and contain numerous elements that shouldn’t be put on the skin. Like, sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, and any of the element that is acidic in nature have been known to bring about hypersensitivities in precarious individuals. Regardless of whether you have a delicate skin or not, you may face certain types of reactions. Did you know cosmetics can really cause skin inflammation? Applying cosmetics really blocks up your pores, giving rise to more acne than what you were arduous to hide. I would recommend you to fix your imperfection rather than camouflaging it! You can do this by opting for Microblading. This is a type of semi-permanent makeup that will make you look flawless even without wearing any kind of makeup.


You aren’t inevitably embracing your true self

There are numerous ladies on the planet who have a low confidence level. You may feel that wearing cosmetics would make you all the more tolerating of yourself, however, the inverse is valid. This is on the grounds that you aren’t ready to accept your looks as it is and so applying the cosmetics. I will concede that a few ladies feel more self-assured wearing cosmetics, however, it is still not helping you cherish yourself, your imperfections and what not!

Most of the products are full of chemicals

Before purchasing a cosmetic product, make sure to read the labels. This will give you an idea about the list of ingredients used in it. In certain products, the ingredient list is not there. Avoid those products and be safe from allergies.


These were some of the valid and astonishing reasons why you should avoid wearing makeup. Consider these points and decide whether you want to continue with the practice of wearing heavy makeup on a daily basis or not!

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