Importance Of Sleeping Well During Pregnancy

Importance -Of- Sleeping- Well -During- Pregnancy


To stay healthy, all the living beings should get proper sleep. We humans also need to get 6 to 7 hours of sleep within 24 hours of a day to give our body a complete rest. Not getting proper sleep can cause various problems also like feeling dizziness, low efficiency, headache etc. While for a pregnant woman it is important to have a proper sleep. A new life which is staying in the womb of a woman depends on the health and the lifestyle of that woman only. According to doctors, the sleeping pattern of a pregnant woman can also show its effect on the development of the baby.

Why does pregnant woman feel problem during sleeping?

Even though it is important for a pregnant woman to get proper sleep but in most of the cases, the pregnant woman faces the problem of insomnia or un-sleepiness. The reason behind such a problem can be because of the gain in weight or due to change in the body shape which makes uncomfortable for a pregnant woman to get proper sleep. Using a special pillow for pregnancy can help the pregnant woman to get better sleep and this will also help the mother and the unborn baby to stay healthy.


pillow for pregnancy
pillow for pregnancy


The effects of sleep on unborn baby

People may take it easy but the effect of a good sleep for an unborn baby cannot be underestimated. One of the biggest reason for having a good sleep is the production of progesterone hormone in the body of a pregnant woman. This hormone is very important for the growth of the child during pregnancy. Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, there is more secretion of progesterone during which it may cause excessive sleepiness and fatigue during the daytime also.

Sleep in the better position

The most common problem which can be seen with a pregnant woman is restless leg syndrome which causes numbing of the legs, caused pain, itching, tingling and intense desire to move from the bed. The reason for such problems is because of having a bad position when sleeping. Having a better pillow for pregnancy will help you to sleep in a better position.

Having a good sleeping habit will help you to gain better stability during your pregnancy time and it will also help you to be physically and mentally stronger. A good sleep will help you to gain better health for yourself and your child. Good sleep for a pregnant woman also increases the chances of having a normal delivery in which a mother has to go through fewer labor problems and the coming child also becomes healthier.

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