4 Thing Which You Should Know About Menstrual Cups



Periods are the day in which women need to face too many problems. These problems are not just because of PMS and cramps during menstruation period but it is also because of the discomfort in using tampons and pads. Well, there is one more option as well which can help you to sort out all of your menstruation, which is a menstrual cup. It is a flexible cup which can be inserted inside the vagina to control their menstruation flow.


Menstrual cup
Menstrual cup

Here are shown things which you should know before using one.

Using a one you are protecting the environment

Based on a survey it is estimated that in an average lifetime of a woman, she uses 8000 to 17000 tampons or pads. Most of these pads are not easily disposable. By looking at these number you can imagine the waste that is produced because of the tampons and pads. According to another research, it is known that every year more than 12 billion pads and around 7 million tampons are thrown away around the world. Using this cup can be a step of your to protect the environment which will also encourage other women also.

No risk of any TSS



These cups are medically diagnosed products which do not contain any toxic risk which can harm your vaginal environment. In fact, it also reduces the chance of having BV or yeast infection around the micro flora environment around the vagina. These cups do not absorb the fluids and blood which comes out during menstruation which means there will be no moisture which triggers the generation of yeast or bacteria around the vagina. You can use a cup for at least 10 to 12 hours in a day and after that, you need to replace that cup.

You can save money

While using tampons and pads for the life you can spend so much of your fortune which you can save. It is much better to use cups which can also be reusable again. It is better to invest for one time in a better thing so you would not have to reinvest your money again and again.

It can be messy at the starting

When you are using anything for the first time then there can be a bit of hesitation of having some problem or discomfort while using that thing. With the use of cup you will not have any physical problem but when you are removing the cup you need to be a little careful otherwise you will stain yourself which feel gross. But if you go habitually with the practice then you will have no problems in the future.

The above things can help you to get better understanding about the use of cups during menstruation when you are using it for the first time.

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