Most Popular Juul Pod Flavors



We know that majority of the Juul beginners start with the genuine nicotine Juul pod flavors but there are huge population of vapers who have their favourite flavor profile and they are willing to stick to it. Juul gives you a genuine flavor but sweetened blend Juul pods can be excellent. The Juul Pod flavor industry is growing and evolving at a very fast pace so there are always lots of new flavors coming onto the market.

Some popular Juul Pod Flavors and their specifications

This list of Juul pod flavor is based on the public response. These flavors are widely accepted by the customers.

Juul Pods: Mango flavor

The taste of the Juul flavor is as important as nicotine delivery and the sweet taste of the mango is delightful in every intake. Among all sweet Juul pod flavors, mango holds a huge place. Replication of the genuine taste of mango is very difficult but the sweet punch proves its worth.

Juul Pod Flavors

Juul Pods: Cool Mint flavor

From the traditional cigarette to the Juul pods, Cool mint flavor always has been liked by the smokers. Still Juul Pods cool mint flavor is better than flavoured cigarette. Burning smoke with the flavor gives an unpleasant taste and the burnt smell sticks in the mouth for long time but the vapour with cool mint gives a cooling and refreshing experience. It has better throat hit than the other flavors and has a clean and refreshing flavor.

Juul Pods: Virginia Tobacco Flavor

For those tobacco lover who don’t compromise with the tobacco quality, Virginia tobacco flavor is the best option. Virginia tobacco flavor is An American-blend flavor which delivers rich and uncanny taste.

Juul Pods: Fruit Medley Flavor

This flavor is refreshing, exotic and a little bit moreish which make it a best alternative to normal tobacco flavor. It is formerly known as ‘Fruit’.

Juul Pods: Creme Brulee flavor

The flavor of burnt cream also known as Creme Brulee have its own range of flavors since it can be blend with many flavor like vanilla and Lavender. Creme Brulee has the sweet velvety taste. It is in the list of favourite flavor of many.


The Flavor of the Juul pod is a big priority for regular vaper. These are the five flavors liked by almost everyone. You may not like all of them but one or two of these will surely be your favourite once you try them. Juul is a surely a kind of E-cigarettes, which you should definitely try your hands on.

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