Having a dog is a great fun. They bring a lot of joy and happiness in everyone’s life who are involved. They provide you great company and never leave you alone. But they also need your attention and care.

If you are planning to adopt a tiny teacup puppy, it is a great choice. They are the most adorable, cute and beautiful creatures in the world. But tiny teacup puppies need an extra care and affection. They are a significant responsibility and taking care of your precious tiny dog is also necessary.

You need to know everything about them like about their diets or what would hurt them and you have to be extra careful while handling them.

Here some remarkable steps that help you to take care of your tiny dog better 

Providing a proper and healthy diet 

A proper and right kind of diet is very important for the health of your dog. Make sure the diet you are giving should be rich in fiber. Give the diet which prescribed by a veterinary doctor that contain canned dry fruits such as eggs, chicken, veggies, fruits and omega e fatty acids. Also, make sure your diet contains Karo syrup. They are must for teacup puppies.

Make sure your puppy gets adequate rest 

Teacup puppies are very active by nature as they tend to feel very tired after a strenuous play. They need 14 hours of sleep in a day. Make assure that your pet is getting an adequate amount of rest.

Provide them a comfortable bed and limit your play time that will help your puppy to stay healthy.

Schedule a regular veterinary appointment 

Teacup puppies are vulnerable to many health problems and illness like respiratory issues, heart problems, worms infection etc and many other problems they suffer due to their fragile bones.

Teacup puppies also needed deworming as they are the breeds that get infected by worms and parasites.

tiny teacup puppies
tiny teacup puppies

Train discipline 

Train them proper discipline and discourage their bad and negative habits. This is the right time to teach them when they are a puppy.

Give importance to grooming 

A well-groomed dog will be neat and clean. It all depends how you are grooming your teacup. The efforts and amount of time you put to groom your teacup depends on what type of pet it will belong. And also guide your pet carefully when going outdoors.


A dog can make your life full of joy and fun and especially a teacup which is so adorable and cute. They are lovable and you will love to play with them. All you need to handle them with an extra care and love.

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