Some Key Features Of Microsoft Word

Some Key Features Of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing tool which helps in making various different types of text documents. Microsoft Word is an application tool which is a part of Microsoft package. The whole Microsoft suit is needed to be installed and activated for using MS word through Microsoft office package contains various elements like MS word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, etc.

Key features of Microsoft Word are:

a. Font Formatting: Font formatting is easier in MS word. Text, shape, color, font, style, background, etc can be changed easily using the features of this word processing tool.

b. Paragraph Formatting: Paragraph formatting can be done easily with the attractive features of MS word. Alignment, indent, spacing, bullets, etc can be done easily.

c. Insert Feature: The insert feature available in the word can be used to insert various elements like a table, box, text box, images, shapes, chart, etc.

d. Copy Formatting: Copying the content like paragraph or sentences is easy to achieve.

e. Drawing: Instead of inserting a default table, shape or diagram you can also draw them manually. Draw tool can be used to draw, delete or move a shape.

f. Redo/Undo: The every action you are performing in this application is saved and you can use UNDO/REDO commands to get to the preceded or succeeded actions that you had done.

g. Find and Replace: Find and replace options are used to find any of the written text and you can also replace that text with some other text. This features help in making the editing process easy.

Key features of Microsoft Excel are:

a. Management of Spreadsheets: Excel is a platform in which there is a collection of spreadsheets. Management of these spreadsheets can be done by editing, deleting, renaming or changing the order of the spreadsheets.

b. Editing a Cell: Any of the cells in the spreadsheet can be easily edited by double-clicking the cell.

c. Resizing a column or row: You can easily resize the column or row by just dragging the row or column according to your need.

d. Creating formulas: There are various pre-build functions available in the excel which can be used to create different formulas for manipulating the data present in the excel sheet.

e. Inserting chart: You can also insert a chart in the sheet by just choosing the insert chart option. The chart will be inserted into your desired location.

Key features of Microsoft PowerPoint are:

a. Slide Management: Managing a slide can be done easily with the help of powerpoint tool. You can select, move, edit, or delete a slide.

b. Inserting chart: Charts can be easily inserted into the powerpoint slide.

c. Slideshow: You can add various transition effects on your slides.

These were some of the key or important features of the Microsoft office package which is very much useful in performing tasks on it.

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