6 Important uses of Excel

6 Important Uses Of Excel

MS Excel is the most important component of MS Office. You can use it efficiently by keeping the data in a systematic and well-organized manner in the spreadsheet. It becomes easier for other users to view and understand the report created by you in the spreadsheet. There are several other uses of excel which are listed below:

Uses of Excel

1. Build great charts: Excel allows to enhance the quality and effectiveness of your data by putting it well organized in a bunch of rows and columns. This is useful when you want to perform a mathematical calculation. You don’t need to solve them manually. With Excel, you can do this with a click. This allows you to save a lot of precious time which you may utilize for doing some other important tasks. You can also add graphs and charts in order to make your report more attractive.

2. Use conditional formatting: You are also able to format the contents written on a spreadsheet as per your needs. There are various formatting options provided by excel. Just learn the formatting styles and apply them to your spreadsheet.

3. Help Identify trends: You may wonder what trends I am talking about. Let’s make this simple. In a business, you often have to set a trend that makes the future predictions. You can show the future trend in an excel sheet very easily and attractively.


4. Bring data together: Excel allows you to bring data together of various sheets together on a single sheet for your convenience. You can also import graphics for your file saved in any location on the computer.

5. Online access: This is one of the most important uses of excel that it could be accessed worldwide from any location. That means you can view the files created in any location if you have its access.

6. Arithmetic solutions: You don’t need to solve all the arithmetic operations. Excel will do this for you in no time. For example, if you want to calculate the percentage of the values of a specified column, you just need to select the column and apply that function. The percentage would be calculated with a click.


These were the most important use of MS Excel. Several other components are also provided by MS Office which is useful for different purposes. You can get more details at office.com/setup.

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