When To Call An Ambulance?

When To Call An Ambulance?

Before calling an ambulance, there are certain primary steps of assessing the victim that you need to follow. Identify whether it’s an emergency condition or simply a non-emergency one. If it’s a non-emergency case, you don’t need to hurry, keep calm and take the victim to the nearest hospital. For this, you can use your own vehicle or even call a medical transportation service. But, when it’s an emergency case, you should not waste even a minute and call an ambulance straight away but make sure that the ambulance has all the desired medical equipment and assistance team. For example, a heart attack patient needs the best initial medical care. If the patient is unable to get the proper initial assistance, he can lose his life also.

Medical Transportation
Medical Transportation

What number to dial?

You can dial 112 or 999 in case of an emergency. Then there are certain details which you will need to provide to the ambulance team. These details include your name, condition of the victim, type of the incident and its seriousness. These details must be provided correctly so that an ambulance with all the desired devices and services could be sent to them soon.

When to take the casualty to a hospital?

You should know when there is a need to call an ambulance or any medical transportation. Most of the people think that waiting for an ambulance to come is a tough task. But, the thing is you can take the patient to a hospital in your own vehicle only when the hospital is very near. It’s a matter of someone’s life so you can’t afford to take any kind of risk.

When to call or see a doctor?

When there is a non-emergency condition, but you think that the victim needs an assistance you can advise them to call an ambulance. They can do this on their own and doesn’t need much assistance.


This was the most important points to be noted to determine whether a victim needs an ambulance or not. You must be aware of the fact because, in each and every medical case, there is really no need for an ambulance. You can solve simple cases at home also. But, when you see a patient who recently faced an accident or heart attack and similar serious conditions, you must call an ambulance as soon as possible.

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