Camden Market – The Colorful Suburbs of London


Camden Town Market is one of the main attractions in London, with an average of over 100,000 visitors each week. It ‘hard to explain to those who have never been the unique atmosphere of this place. Camden market is fascinating for its alternative spirit and a bit ‘ out of the box. In the shops along the High Street and on the shelves of markets you’ll find everything from vintage to modern art objects, clothes, funky accessories, gothic, burlesque, cyberpunk, and much more.

Electric Ballroom Market

Shortly after the underground station is Camden Town Electric Ballroom, a place where you primarily live music. On Saturdays and Sundays, inside the room, holding a market of discs, but also vintage clothing, accessories and gothic. It is open every Saturday and Sunday.

Inverness Street Market

On the opposite side there is the market of the Electric Ballroom Street Inverness with several stands of clothing and, especially, souvenirs. It is open all week.

Buck Street Market

This is what many think is the real market of Camden, Camden Market for the big sign that stands at the entrance. In reality the 200 stand in this area do not offer anything special, you’ll find mainly clothing and t-shirts at a price not really cheap. My advice? Keep walking towards the canal. It is open all week.

Camden Canal Market

This is one of the areas of the district, which in 2008 was hit by a bad fire. Fortunately, today everything is back in full swing and the work they have also greatly improved the appearance. You can find it right after the bridge over Regent’s Canal, on the right side. Ou can visit it every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Camden Lock Market

From here it all started in the early 70s, this is the first real market of Camden Town. Once a specialized craft, over the years it is populated by stalls selling just about anything. The market has an indoor and one outdoor. In part along the canal there are excellent food stalls. It is open all week.

Stables Camden Market

The largest market of Camden, with about 450 booths and shops offering everything, including objects and vintage clothing. The entire area consists of several connected spaces between them with tunnels and passages, it is not difficult to lose your way. Inside there are about fifty food stalls offering international dishes at a good price. It is open all week.

Camden market is renowned for being the place to buy alternative clothing, in stores and on the shelves you can see burlesque corsets, dresses and accessories in Gothic, PVC suits to warm even the most inhibited, amphibious military-style punk, ethnic skirts and even cyber wear. Impossible not to mention the Cyber dog, when we speak of Camden Town, one of the larger stores in the Stables Market. With its two floors and the psychedelic atmosphere, has the air of being a disco: dark, electro-punk music, sculptures of cyborg and “committed” dancing on the cubes, tubes of colored lights.


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