What Is An IPTV System?

What is an IPTV SYSTEM?

IPTV is known as internet protocol television. It is a technology where television programs and videos/audios that are either live or on demand are delivered to the user through the internet or broadband.

How does IPTV work?

IPTV is similar to browsing the internet traditional channel surfing. It uses internet protocol or transmission control protocol which is transport device to transport the video to the user. When the user clicks on any TV program or requests the video/audio, video/audio from different server divided into the data packets and send over the internet. Server sent the program through the fiber optic cable network to existing household by the internet and requests are sent out and shows are sent back.


  • It provides DVR (Digital video recorder) service: – You can record one or more than one show at a time and play back your shows in any room. Pause, fast-forward and rewind your show.
  • You can get receive multiple TV channels by the connection of Internet or broadband in the IPTV box. After connecting you can enjoy your favorite channels by subscribing IPTV.
  • Video on demand service is available that provide a long list of multiple channels where you can decide when you want to see the movie.
  • Live television is about the real-time presentation of the program on television. It includes morning show, news show, sports channel, award shows, reality program and etc.
  • It works on mobile, projector, PC, iPad, tablet and all devices.Time shifting is the system which can record the program from the storage medium for viewing later after the live broadcasting.
      IPTV providerIPTV provider


  • Only one cable can use for internet and television.
  • IPTV provides Two-ways communication where the user can interact with the service provider. That provides VOD Live television, nPVR, PVR, HD streaming, online game, messaging service.
  • The major advantage is it works with PC and mobile.
  • Its Programs storage can be adjusted according to the customer group.
  • The major advantage is it works with PC and mobile.
  • It provides high-quality HD video.


  • IPTV provider may be not taking warranty on all IPTV channels interruption.
  • Sometimes video or audio doesn’t match
  • For television set, it must take IPTV box.
  • Some IPTV technology doesn’t support HD channels.


IPTV provides many premium channels to increase and enhance television viewing experience. It is getting popular day by day because of its best quality and unique features.

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